Like It Or Lump It

Written on April 22, 2019 at 09:13 am by admin

As weird as the name sounds, it’s not all that weird. It’s just a name to the art exhibition which is done in collaboration with Selfridge's Nationwide state of the Arts campaign and the SKIP founders to make the artists provocative in a month long program. The fun part about this art exhibition is that they think out of the box and plant the art pieces at places which you would have never imagined. The members of the art exhibit personally talk to the artwork head and talk about how the piece of art would influence it’s setting for a receptacle for rubbish.

Not only the locals but even the tourists would be encountering and judging to consider the topics which range from playful to provocative. The subjects, even range from identity, body politics and gender to authenticity and cultural history. The Antony Gromley art gallery exhibits sculptures featured with the most mind-blowing ideas.Even the Franz West indoor sculptures are a part of this exhibition.

All the tourists visiting London must definitely visit this exhibition as a part of their love for arts and sculptures. This event is very auspicious and is held at the most famous street which is the Oxford streets in London. And to be more precise at the accessory’s hall on G! This exhibit is held in the march from the first week of March till the end of it. This event brings out how various kinds of themes and sculptures go with the background which is so different from them. It hopefully will bring out a sense of judgement among the Audience whether they will like it or not.

A unique sense of art always leaves the audience with a wide-open mouth. Its hard to wrap your head around the fact that a weird enough thinking can bring out a great show which always tends to wow people. The people who visit this exhibition have the liberty to give away their reviews about how they felt about the arrangement and the irreplaceable topics. The foreign guests are welcome to judge as well and express their mind after looking at the art that is in display.

Such kind of arts and sculpture exhibition does not take place that very often and is a fresh look towards how one looks at all the topics which we would otherwise neglect. This art exhibition is not only to prove the worth if art in people’s eyes, but also to show how general topics to which we would otherwise not pay attention to can make up such a great scheme for an exhibition and bring out so many people as an audience. The topics generate awareness and curiosity among the masses and brings about a sense of curiosity as to what the artist or the head of the company might be thinking before making it. It leaves a positive impact on the people to come up with their own possible conclusion at the end.