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Oxford Street in London is one of the most famous stretches in the city, it is the shopping capital and retail therapy centre of the city and there is not brand under the sun that you cannot find here. Every year, Oxford Street witnesses more than 200 million visitors from various parts of the world and is one of the busiest shopping areas of London. That is not all, the street has several arteries that cut through the heart of London’s most famous West End and it has been that way for centuries now. This is a 1.5 mile stretch of sheer luxury, pleasure and retail outlets.


Even during the earlier years which dates back to the 16th and 17th centuries, Oxford Street was lined with peddlers selling their merchandise from various countries. Apart from being the world’s most famous shopping centre, it is also home to the best restaurants and plush bars and retro pubs. There is nothing like Oxford Street in the world and if you have not been here, then you have not done anything in London.


Why choose Berkeley Asian escorts in Oxford Street?


Given the fact that Oxford Street is one of the busiest places in London, there is a high demand for escorts at all times. One may ask why choose Berkeley Asian Girls on Oxford Street as their agency. The reasons are several and the list is endless, but as an agency we are the most reliable and dependable of all. Also, our reputation preceded our business module.


The escorts in Oxford Street are very fancy and up-scale to start with. They have an excellent sense of dressing and are very suave and well-spoken. People that stay here are usually the high-flying, jet-setting businessmen and our Oxford Street escorts suit their needs in every possible way.


How can you book an Asian escort in Oxford Street?


The escorts on Oxford Street are as busy as the area itself and finding one can be difficult at times if you do not make advanced bookings. However, at Berkeley Asian Girls, we ensure that our best Asian escorts are available in Oxford Street even for last-minute bookings. All you need to do is give us a call and we will take care of the rest. We have tie-ups with many prestigious hotels and even they can make the arrangements for you. One thing we can assure you of is that we always provide high-quality escorts who suit your profile as a rich, popular or affluent person. So you have nothing to worry about whatsoever.


Among all the Asian women in the industry, Japanese escorts seem to be very popular these days. They have a keen sense of dressing, good mannerisms and a pleasant nature. You will never find a rude escort in this community of people. Apart from this, they bring in a lot of other expertise like massage services, eroticism without sex and inclusive of sex. They leave the choice entirely to the customer and they are forever obliging.


Erotic massages can provide a relieving experience to those who seek it and also cures several inhibitions and mental diseases like depression for example. For one to feel good, they have to have some form of emotional and physical release. An erotic massage can do both for you. That is why every visitor to London should choose an erotic massage to relieve their stress and anxiety. Take a break from your demanding schedules and feel your body through another woman’s hands.


What is our Berkeley Oxford Street Asian escort booking process?


Many visitors to Oxford Street or London, in general, find themselves going in circles when it comes to hiring or booking an escort. Giving irrelevant information like spouse’s details and how many children you have is irrelevant to the escort industry. Given the nature of services, these are unnecessary questions that people get asked for. However, at Berkeley Asian Girls you do not have to do anything of that sort. The enrolment process is easy but we do need is your phone number to reach you.




If you have been running around in circles, please pick up your phone and give us a call. Or, fill out the simple web form to book a sensual and gorgeous Oxford Street escort.