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Berkeley Singapore Escorts London

Singapore is one of the most advanced and modern countries in the world and in a way years ahead of London. Women who hail from here are extremely sophisticated and charming. They speak fluent English and are good conversationalists. Berkeley Asian Girls has added new profiles of Singaporean women to the gallery section and you should check it out right away. These women are beautiful, sensible and very open-minded. They blend very well with western culture. So you need not think twice before hiring them as their date.


About Singapore Escorts in London

As an escort agency, Berkeley Asian Girls has strived hard to keep their hiring quality at the top and ensured that the clients get access to the best escorts to date. We are always raising our benchmark by providing better and better women as escorts. In London, the best-looking women and the most intelligent ones come to our doorstep looking for opportunities. We ensure that we provide these women with ample opportunities and also take care that they keep our clients happy.


Benefits of hiring Singaporean women

This tiny island country is not behind any other large and forward countries of the world. Singapore is on par with other cosmopolitan places like Dubai, Hong Kong, London, and the United States. So women from this country are not backward in any way and they are more cosmopolitan than other women from all over the world.

  • Men who prefer classy, sophisticated and suave women will find their choice in Singaporean escorts. They are the best sassy escorts and are available with only a few agencies across London.
  • Most westerners would have visited Singapore on a stopover or on a holiday. The culture of this island country is similar to the western countries and there is not much difference. It will be easy for men who hire these escorts to find common ground with them.
  • They are very beautiful and sexy because they come from varied Asian backgrounds but love to call themselves Singaporeans.


Why do men prefer Singaporean women?

Most of the men who prefer dating a Singaporean escort are VIPs, high flying socialites or celebrities. They are a niche breed of women and are not affordable by everyone who comes in search of escorts. If your pocket can fit them in, they will also welcome you with an open heart and mind. Singaporean women have a keen sense of fashion that is not loud or bold. Just like their nature, it is subtle and gentle. The mixed qualities of modern ways of thinking and yet traditional values can drive women crazy and pining for them.



Every man has some fancy, fetish or fantasy when it comes to women. Some men only like class and sophistication, while others prefer exotic looks, and some like gentle and soft women. All of these qualities are found in Singaporean escorts. Berkeley Asian Girls is one of the very few agencies has stunning Singaporean ladies in London. Check out the gallery of our hot Singaporean escorts in London and you will not be disappointed with the offerings.