Moka review 1

Author:Mika Johansson
Escort name:Moka
Date of Visit:07/13/2019
Time of Visit:9PM
Spent time:Overnight
Ladies attractiveness:10 out of 10
Her level of service:
General comments:I’m a very busy top notch executive without sounding boastful but I do have my fetishes. One of them is women and I like hiring Asian escorts. For reasons that even I don’t know. I met Moka, a young Japanese escort in Bloomsbury. I acted like I’m a pro with escorts and knew everything about them until she proved me wrong. I never knew that a Japanese escort can actually be so different and supra-natural in her sexual connotations. She moaned and screamed and sounded natural and not at all pretentious. That helped me enjoy the sex even more with her. I would hire her blindly again.