Vicky review 1

Escort name:Vicky
Date of Visit:05/02/2019
Time of Visit:8pm
Spent time:3 Hours
Ladies attractiveness:10 out of 10
Her level of service:
General comments:Vicky is this beautiful babe who with her mesmerizing looks can keep you enraptured with her beauty for long hours. When I hired Vicky, I least expected that she would turn out to be so beautiful and sensible. Until then I was only thinking of her from the aspect of paid service. However, when I met her, I came to realize that she is such a sensible person within and a great company to be with. Not only she is good in bed, but she has well groomed mannerisms. I ended up wanting more of her and kept extending our time together. Any day, I would recommend Natalie to people who wish to hire her.