Huizi review 1

Escort name:Huizi
Date of Visit:04/04/2019
Time of Visit:08:PM
Spent time:2 hours
Ladies attractiveness:10 out of 10
Her level of service:
General comments:My work requires me to travel various countries. My head-office is in London basically and I need to travel there every fortnight. Usually, my assistant accompanies me but he was appointed some work so I had to come alone. My work was completed within two days but my flight got cancelled. So I was stuck there for a day. I was feeling lonely so I called up Berkeley Asian Girls in Central London. After going through their website, I was impressed by this girl named Huizi. She was Japanese and immensely beautiful. She specialized in body massage so I had her appointed for that. Her hands felt really soft but comforting at the same time. After the body massage I decided it was time for some fun. So I suggested for 69 and Domination kinky activities. The escort agency offered me an entire package that included these services so I happily accepted it. We made a sensual sex and she satisfied me to the core. Huizi was really nice and totally professional. I would like to solicit her services in future too!