Christina review 1

Escort name:Christina
Date of Visit:03/07/2020
Time of Visit:8pm
Spent time:3 Hours
Ladies attractiveness:10 out of 10
Her level of service:
General comments:Christina is just 21 years old, but this bisexual Japanese hottie was perfect for us. We were trying to get back the spark in our relationship and she helped us immensely. We roleplayed and she even gave me an erotic massage to help with my erection. I was able to satisfy my wife and it was kinky to have sex with an onlooker who was busy kissing my wife. I highly recommend Christina for couples who want to enjoy and writhe in throes of passion. Her 34C breasts, 5’7” frame and intoxicating eyes will set you on fire, and help your relationship without you even realising it.