Hyesu review 1

Escort name:Hyesu
Date of Visit:02/01/2020
Time of Visit:8pm
Spent time:3 Hours
Ladies attractiveness:10 out of 10
Her level of service:
General comments:After being married for 30 years, our sex life had become boring. My wife suggested bringing in an escort. I was a little sceptical but decided to go with it. My wife and I found Hyesu quite interesting. She is merely 21 years old, but do not let that fool you. Hyesu is an expert with couples and I am so happy that my wife convinced me to invite an escort. This Korean beauty gave my wife and I the best oral of our lives. Her administrations were so good that my wife and I ended up having sex in front of her. It was titillating. I am glad I listened to my wife. We intend to book Hyesu again in the near future. It was worthwhile.