Hertha review 1

Escort name:Hertha
Date of Visit:01/18/2020
Time of Visit:8pm
Spent time:3 Hours
Ladies attractiveness:10 out of 10
Her level of service:
General comments:Okay, I admit that I’m crazy about hot Asian girls. Hertha with her perfect C-cup breasts, brunette hair, and 5’6” frame was too attractive for me not to book her services. I have to say that I was not disappointed with her presence. Hertha is attractive and sensual, and I enjoyed spending time with her. She loves to use toys and after a hectic session, she relaxed me with a massage. It was so relaxing that before long I was ready to go again. That is the kind of power she has over men. I would recommend you book Hertha and you will be in seventh heaven.