Sakiya review 1

Escort name:Sakiya
Date of Visit:12/21/2019
Time of Visit:8pm
Spent time:3 Hours
Ladies attractiveness:10 out of 10
Her level of service:
General comments:When I saw Sakiya the first time, I could not believe my eyes. She is gorgeous with flawless skin. Her long legs are lithe and I could picture them wrapped tightly around my body. When we were in bed, I loved the way her hazel eyes clouded over with passion. She kept arching her slender back and that drove me crazy. Her 36DD breasts are voluptuous and I kept sinking my face into them. Her soft mouth and naughty tongue drove me nuts when she gave me a BJ. I found out that Sakiya is a bisexual. So, the next time I am taking my girlfriend so that we can enjoy a ménage a trois. I am so excited about it and cannot wait for our next meeting.