The London Coffee Festival 2019

April 19, 2019 at 12:00 am

For all the coffee lovers in London in March, it’s going to be a very delightful time for you guys. The famous coffee festival will be around the corner by the end of March. This world-famous festival features over 250 artisan coffee and other coffee related gourmet stalls in the scene. Tastings, demonstrations from world class baristas, interactive workshops and coffee-based cocktails are some of the main attractions and wonderful things to see and experience. This festival is a once in a lifetime experience which everyone should experience in their life, especially coffee lovers.After a wonderful coffee filled day, the visitors and tourists can end their day with a peaceful art exhibition, Soothing live music and rocking DJ.

The festival is not just about public sessions, it’s also about industrial sessions which lasts for about two days for five hours each. After the industrial session, the public session starts which is of three days and includes 3 sessions for each day. The public sessions are further divided into three sessions of three hours each. There is obviously entry fees but this comes with a lot of benefits as well. The benefits include coffee and food samples, tasting, demos and live music. The benefits are not just limited to these things, but it also includes a learning experience like how to brew and make coffee in different ways at home. At this coffee festival, nobody will be leaving thirsty hungry or un-caffeinated.

The venue is also very tempting to visit, it’s the Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane. All the fun and festivities are held under one roof during this time, which is an advantage for most tourists as they won’t get lost during this famous coffee loving festival. To spice up the fun a little, the espresso martini party is also organized. Although some of the festival zones will be closed during this event but well it’s an espresso martini party which nobody wants to miss. The entrance is observed at 15 Hanbury street, the Old Truman Brewery.

To make this beautiful event even more accessible to all the coffee lovers, there is provision for wheelchairs. The event venue is also well equipped with lifts and ramps so that there is no problem faced by any of the guests. Every inch of the event is wheelchair accessible to provide all the comfort to the guests attending the event. Any person on wheelchair is completely and utterly taken care of and can enter through the VIP door and let the staff on board know about it so that they are available on hand to assist them whenever required.

The event's venue also has washrooms which will be serviced regularly during the event. Even the little ones are allowed to enjoy this event. Although it is highly advised that kids below the age of 16 be accompanied by an adult. The event can also be a hub for the vegetarians as the food stalls are well versed with vegetarian food.

This event is everything a person would want it to be. It takes care of the needs of every individual attending the event. There is nothing more you can ask for. You can also join company of coffee with London escorts.