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The whole world of men goes to Malaysia to experience that ecstatic pleasure of dating a Malaysian escort. What if we say that you can experience the same back in London and be in the company of some exotic and beautiful Malaysian women? Berkeley Asian Girls have some lovely profiles of Malaysian women in their gallery. If anyone knows the art of sex and being an excellent erotic masseuse, it is the Malaysian women. Well, they come from a land that is famous for all these services. However, they come to London because the opportunities are better and they can let down their hair and spend time with men who know how to treat a woman.  


About Malaysian Escorts in London

Berkeley Asian Girls makes a very careful selection of women from various ethnic backgrounds and from varied nationalities. All our young ladies are highly professional and we are the leaders when it comes to this sector of business. You can find the widest variety of Asian women in our galleries, including Malaysian escorts. We have never seen a customer turn away from us in a disappointed manner and everyone who has been with us always had a smile on their face when they left.

Our gallery of Malaysian escorts in London is a testimony to our unique offerings. We constantly endeavour to meet your expectations and are always looking to improve our services to better cater to your needs.


Benefits of hiring our Malaysian escorts in London

There are many unspoken benefits of hiring Malaysian women. Before that, it is imperative for our customers to understand that not all Malaysian women become escorts. However, the women who have made this choice are the best because they exactly know their profession and are masters of the art of sexuality.

  • Malaysians are not new to the escort industry because back home being an escort is a prolific profession even though it is very discreet.
  • They understand their profession and also their client’s requirements to the hilt. They need not be told and trained to deal with their clients.
  • They can speak in English very well and are highly conversant.
  • Their sexual knowledge, erotic massage abilities are at par with some of the best in the world.
  • The women are beautiful, slender and have the perfect figure and features that an escort should have. Well, most of them look like supermodels themselves.


Why do men prefer Malaysian escorts?

Not many men from the west go to Malaysia for a holiday or think about going there because it is a conservative country. Even the men who visit this country will dare not explore the option of hiring an escort because of the local government and its stringent rules. However, in a city like London they get unlimited access to hot and sensual Malaysian escorts without any electric fences around them. So this is what makes Malaysian escorts popular among customers.



Men have different reasons to hire an escort like a change of mind or change of heart or just to have fun. No matter what your reason is and if you have been craving for the attention of a Malaysian escort, just reaches out to us. Our escorts can bring Malaysia to your feet without you having to go there. Give us a call or visit our gallery to know more.