Why Young Men Paying for Sex

Written on November 14, 2019 at 12:36 pm by admin

Technological advances of the modern world have revolutionized the escorts and paid sex industry. With everything available at a click, hiring escorts or meeting women for paid sex is popular and much easier than before. More statistics have been analysed to come to the conclusion that more men are choosing to opt for paid sex rather than a fully committed relationship.


Paid sex has increased in the last few decades and it may be directly related to the fact that ever-changing society has a greater acceptance of the commercial sex industry. This is, however, not due to being single, as many married men or men in committed relationships are also opting to pay for sex on the side. Also, it is not completely true that only young men are paying for the privilege. In fact, many men in the age group of 40 to 60 regularly indulge in paid activity, although many men state that they come away unfulfilled emotionally and feelings of emptiness after the deed.


Why is this an increasing trend?


There are various conflicting reasons stated during research. Some of the subjects who regularly pay for this privilege do so, due to the lack of being able to create a connection or a bond with women. There may be a variety of reasons for this, such as dysfunctional upbringing and difficult home life, neglected childhood, abuse during formative years and so on.


Grown men with such background may find it difficult to create healthy bonds with the opposite sex, and therefore, are looking for paid sessions that allow them to create the illusion of intimacy, which is in reality non-existent.


There are some others, who have troubling views about women accepting payments for sex; some have even gone as far as to mention that since the customer, the man, is paying for service, the woman should not be able to enjoy giving the service. Pleasure should be reserved for only the customers. These types of opinions lead to sexual violence and abuse, where the man feels entitled as he is paying for a service.


Despite understanding the taboo of accepting sex for payments. Most men are aware of the ill-treatment and coerced compliance women go through during the trafficking process. The decision is conscious of the end goal of sexual satisfaction without the hassles of intimate relationships.


Instant sexual gratification


Men are opting for an easier way out when they choose to hire an escort in London or a paid sex worker. The bottom line is that men pay women for favors as they wish for ease of handling, engagement without commitment and arousal without the pressure to perform. While commercial sex is restricted by law in many countries, commercial sex when legally available is popular due to the need for relief.


The recent times have seen a rise, as society is depending more on technology eliminating the need for constant human interactions and company. Instant gratification has become the normal mode of operations in the technology-powered lives of most people.


Accessibility to services online has revolutionized the way paid sex industry works, and also the method of customers’ approach, making it a seamless and anonymous transaction. While technology has improved our lives in various ways, it does desensitise people from the sex industry, leading to an increased and overwhelming need to satiate their sexual urges.