Who Are Better Asian or English Escorts

Written on November 01, 2019 at 01:14 pm by admin

Whether you choose a European or an Asian escort, you can be sure that they will not only be well read but it will be easy to hold intriguing and exceptional conversations and they escort will also provide you with the exclusive and exceptional services, understanding your fantasies and your requirements before starting.


Escorts, whether Asian or English, have to face similar occupational hazards, although as per research, Asian women are more prone to violence due to their compliant nature when compared to their English counterparts. Many also argue that it may be for a level of financial security in a different country. While that may be partly true, it still does not explain the fascination that men have with Asian escorts.


Yellow Fever Fetish


The recent trend of Caucasian men’s preference for Oriental and Asian women has been termed “Yellow Fever Fetish”. This happens when Caucasian men prefer oriental women, due to their compliant natures, beauty and excellent services, which allows them to take more liberties than their European counterparts of the same professional will allow.


Another key point to note is that women of Asian nationalities will often have less political and societal influence than an English escort in their own country, both of which are perfect for the paying customer. Although, for the same reasons, there have higher chances of exploitation in this industry.


Cost-effective and more willing


Another very important point that catches the eye is that Asian escorts may cost less than an English one. This may be one of the main deciding factors for men who are looking for cost-effective options. Asian customs and culture are different in various ways from English laws and regulations.


Often escorts feel that they need to do more to achieve better results in a shorter frame of time in a new country. This will lead to docile and accepting behavior or riskier behavior during customer interactions. Many escorts may be in debt or require larger sums to pay off their piling debts, which will also lead to a lowering of prices for higher volume and earnings.




Discretion and confidentiality are other reasons why Asian escorts maybe more preferable than English escorts. Being new to a country or as a foreigner, it helps that the escort may not approach authorities of ill-treatment which affords them discretion at all costs. As most customers are married men, already well settled into their lives, confidentiality and discretion are the primary aspects of an escort.


Beside the main point, Asian escorts are beautiful, and well-mannered, ensuring full satisfaction for companionship, as well as, for erotic pleasures that they offer. Many Asian women, train in the arts of erotic pleasures that are prevalent in their country of origin. For many men, that is an added bonus to an already fantastic package.


For many men, sexual fantasies revolve around Asian women, who are elegant and perfect for company while traveling or just for the weekend getaway. They are educated and have moved around enough to be perfect accompaniment for the best time together.