Dating After A Breakup

Written on February 25, 2021 at 05:21 am by admin

Breakups are hard, and sometimes it takes months or even years to repair a broken heart. In such a scenario, you can either stay stuck in misery or pick yourself up, dust all the sadness away, and try to move on. Life is too short to stay hung up on your ex.


We understand that moving on is not a cakewalk. However, staying stuck in a past relationship will take you nowhere. After a nasty breakup, getting back into the dating world may seem difficult, but you can easily make a comeback with a few tips, as mentioned here.


Let People Know That You Are Available

Start by changing that "committed" status on your social media accounts to "single." It would also help if you let your friends and colleagues know that you are ready to date again. They may set you up on a date with any of their friends.


Start socializing and let people know that you are available to date again. It would also help if you took dating as an opportunity to meet people and make new friends. Not all dates need to turn into something romantic. If you do not feel anything romantic towards them, but you enjoy their company, you can consider befriending them.


Switch From Messaging to Meeting

Social media is a great platform to meet new people. If you like someone's profile, all you need to do is send them a message request and strike up a conversation. If you feel a spark between you two, then do not hesitate to take things further. Pick up a date and ask the person out.


People on social media behave differently from their actual personalities. So, meeting them in-person will help you assess who they truly are, and you will also get to know more about them. 


When you meet them in-person, do not hesitate to ask personal questions like where they live, their profession, etc.


Opt For A No-Strings-Attached Relationship

Relationships involve commitments. If you have been through a nasty breakup, you are bound to suffer from trust issues. As a result, you might be ready to date again but are not ready to get into a relationship. In such a scenario, you can consider booking the services of escorts. With them, there is no commitment involved.


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Don't Talk about your Ex

When on a date, make sure not to talk about your ex. Even if your date is asking something about them, choose to give them a brief response. If you continuously talk about your ex, it will give an impression that you have not yet moved on and are still stuck in your past relationship. 


Overcome Trust Issues

You are bound to have trust issues if your ex cheated on you. However, it would be best if you try to overcome it and learn to trust again. You need to ensure that your trust issues do not adversely affect your new relationship. At the same time, you must choose your next partner wisely to protect yourself from another heartbreak.


If you are struggling to know whether you should take things forward with a person and whether they are genuine or not, consider a few things as mentioned below while choosing your partner:


  1. Choose someone who is consistent with their affection towards you.

  2. Someone who will not ghost you for days and instead will keep you updated with their whereabouts.

  3. Someone who respects your boundaries and will not force you to do something you are not comfortable with.

  4. Someone who will make you feel loved and will be empathetic towards your feelings and act accordingly.

  5. People who are transparent about their thoughts and are just like an open book.

Do not date someone with the following red signals:

  1. Someone you do not feel comfortable with. Keep your comfort level as your top priority.

  2.  Someone who picks up fights continuously and blames you for everything that goes wrong.

  3. Someone who has a mysterious aura around themselves and lies to you.

Check Your Compatibility

Values ingrained in a person speaks volumes about who they are as a human being. Choose someone who has good values and morals. Before dating someone, try to know more about their thought process. Ask them what their opinion is on a certain issue. This will help you understand the person in a better light.


Often couples break up due to compatibility issues. Hence make sure to choose someone whose thought process reflects yours.


Final Thoughts

Getting back in the dating world after a breakup will be nothing short of a roller coaster ride. However, having a clear idea of what you exactly want in your partner will smoothen the process.


Do not rush into a relationship. Give yourself time to heal from your past wounds. Start dating again only after you have fully recovered from the heartbreak. Follow the points mentioned above to start dating again.

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