College Students Spend More time in Orgies and Sex

Written on August 07, 2019 at 02:44 pm by admin

Most people, when they are having sex, they enjoy this pleasure. However, there are, like some college students, who prefer their smartphones over sex. This is a surprise as most adult assume that college students spend less time studying and more time in orgies and sex. The bubble has burst.


A study conducted among 150 college students has found something amazing (not surprising) - many enjoy texting while they are on a date, having sex, taking a shower, attending a funeral and even in the middle of religious service. Most survey participants agreed that they were aware of inappropriate texting and that it is considered a socially unacceptable behaviour, but they cannot help it as they cannot live without their phones.


In fact, out of the 150 college students polled, nearly 7.5% acknowledged that they do text while having sex. Now, if that is not a downer, what else would you call it? Definitely Asian escorts in London would not welcome this move from you.


Get Over Your Addiction to Your Phone


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Lose Yourself to the Passion


While you can take your phone when you go to meet Asian escorts in London, it is best to keep the phone switched off. That way, you won’t worry about texting while having sex. Instead, you can focus on the tantalising pleasure you are experiencing in the company of the escort. Once you feel the soft skin and luscious lips on your body, the last thing on your mind will be texting while having sex. So, go ahead and book your escort today and don’t be like those college students who prefer phone to sex. They just don’t know what they are missing!