Beautiful Asian Escort Ladies

Written on June 07, 2019 at 09:30 am by admin

Many men who like to date escorts actually think that these women do it only for the money and do not really enjoy it. Contrary to this popular belief, escort women do actually enjoy sex. For Asian escorts in London, it is not only their job to pleasure their clients, but they also pride themselves in their professionalism. It is impossible for women not to enjoy sex while her partner is doing the needful. Several escort women actually remember their clients for the good time that they had with them on the bed.


So if you have been looking to hire Berkeley Asian girls, there are some things that you should know. More or less they are like ‘do’s’ and don’ts’. In order to make the best of your time with a beautiful Asian escort just keep the following things in mind.


  1. Smell is sensual: Even if you are paying the escort for her time, there is no bigger put off for her sexually when you overdo the aftershave or a perfume. Just smell your natural self because women find that as a big turn-on. However bad body odor is also another put off. Asian chicks like natural smelling body and you can choose to use natural lotions or facial creams. A research indicates that fragrant smells like cucumber, licorice, baby powder and lavender tend to turn women on.

  2. Play your part: Just like she is sexually pampering you by doing things that you like, even you need to be an equal participant by doing things that turn her on. Skin to skin contact stimulates women and also a rubdown can send them into a tizzy. If you are looking forward to having a long sexual session then these are something that you should indulge in.

  3. Show that you care: Asian women are soft at heart and like getting a lot of attention. Some Asian escorts remember their clients because of the effort they put in to make them feel wanted.

  4. Sweat it out a bit before you meet: Exercising before you meet your beautiful Asian escort pays off. The reason is that you feel fresher after a short workout and you are better prepared physically. It is the secret behind good sex.

  5. Do it the doggie style: Women like a position that allows them to have optimal control and this is particularly true for the petite Asian chicks. Most women find this position very enjoyable and get multiple orgasms in this position.

  6. Show her some appreciation: Obviously you would have had a great time having sex and talking with your sexy Asian escort. But do show her some appreciation during the act and after the act because you owe the good time to her.

  7. It is not all about sex: Many men who hire escorts have their fun and sex and everything else and after it is over they tend to rush out of the door. This is a major put off for Asian women because they are not used to such behavior traditionally. If you do want to see her again then you should indulge in foreplay and after play as well.

  8. Plan on outings: Do not be cooped up in your hotel room all the time. Plan on a nice dinner date or an outing to break the ice and enjoy her company as well. Sex will come eventually into the picture but it feels better if you get to know the person beforehand.


If you are looking to hire Asian escorts, give us a call anytime and we will assist you to find an exotic woman.